TABLEON - WordPress Posts Table Filterable

WPML compatibility

No special actions required to make WPML and TableOn works together, just: Install WPML Set in WPML setting the site languages Create your site content on different languages Set WPML language switcher on the site front where a TableOn table is That is all 🙂 Your site visitors now can see your site posts in […]

How reload meta display in the cell

For example you added to the table meta key ‘_regular_price’. By default it will be displayed as simple number or string. But what about if you want to format it and display with even another information near? Overload its output! In file functions.php of the current WordPress theme add next code:

format_price here is […]

How to add referral button to the posts table

If you want to add button which link to any external information about a post: in file functions.php add next code:

ref_btn is just name of key for TableOn profile, you can use your own one. _product_url in the code is the meta key with the link, of course you can use your own […]

How to display custom boolean meta field

In file functions.php of the current WordPress theme add next code:

Do not forget to replace meta key in the code ‘_my_marks’ to your own one. So instead of displaying 1 or 0 relevant icons will be displayed. Sure by CSS you can display your own icons instead. Also read:  

How to insert in top menu tableon_button shortcode?

You can see results on the top menu of the site -> click on ‘Hottest Posts’ Do next: Create on TABLEON admin page new shortcode [tableon] Open settings of the new shortcode -> tab ‘Predefinition’ -> ‘Posts ids’ -> Using comma, set posts ids you want to show in the table. Example: 23,99,777. Set […]

How to make search by post title faster

Using FULLTEXT indexing will in increase the speed of posts searching by its title. Do next: open your site database using phpmyadmin page enter to your site database find table “wp_posts” click on tab “Structure” find field “post_title” find on the right side and click “More” -> “Fulltext” on the popup click OK and wait […]

How to add column with custom meta fields in popup

Example of such column you can see on this page: Do next: Open file functions.php of the current WordPress theme Add next code:

Register necessary meta-fields in TABLEON system by code:

In the table for where you want to display column “Options” create new column, name it and select field ‘Sound options’ […]

Is it possible to customize CSS only of one table cell?

Yes! If content of the cell is constant – it is possible use generated CSS class as on the screen: hashXXXXXX Also each cell has CSS class, dependent of the field of the current table cell Also table cell has data-attributes: data-pid, data-key, data-field

As you can see above using 2 data-attributes allows targeted […]

Sort on meta value but include posts that do not have one

If to use sorting by meta keys – will be visible only posts which has any value for the selected key. This behavior is peculiarity of WordPress engine. Here is an article about how to resolve it:  

Show different tables to users selected by user roles

You can wrap some shortcodes into your custom one. Do next: open file functions.php of the current WordPress theme paste and edit there next code:

paste shortcode [my_tableon_1] to page you want also make your attention to $args – you can make custom shortcode attributes On this way you can create different custom shortcodes […]