TABLEON - WordPress Posts Table Filterable


  • Show button in admin bar: Enable/Disable TableOn button on the top admin bar. Button will appear/disappear after the page reloading!
  • Languages: Languages for tab "Vocabulary". This options created for dynamic words and such plugins as WPML. Use the comma to add languages you want to use on the site front. By default: -1. Example: en_US,fr_FR,es_ES,de_DE,ru_RU. After the field change, settings of "Vocabulary" will appear after the page reloading.
  • Fonts: For the columns options. Use fonts which are represented in the current WordPress theme. Use comma and do not use quotes! Example: Helvetica,Roboto
  • Thumbnail size: Default size of posts thumbnails
  • Wipe all data: Enable this option ONLY if you are going to uninstall TABLEON completely and forever. For updates keep it disabled.
  • Users roles can manage: What users roles (together with administrator) can manage TABLEON functionality
  • Attachment icon width: Default attachment button icon width (px)
  • Compare columns: Columns used in extension Compare. Press and wait to reorder.
  • Favourites columns: Columns used in extension Favourites. Press and wait to reorder.
  • Single: Columns for table "Single" and shortcode [tableon_single]. Press and wait to reorder.

On the same tab bottom 2 buttons:

  • All possible columns keys: helper for shortcode [tableon]
  • Export TABLEON Data: allows to export plugins settingsĀ  + all tables and its settings to another site
  • Import TABLEON Data: allows to import plugins settingsĀ  + all tables and its settings from another site

Settings tab is extendable by hooks: tableon_extend_settings and tableon_extend_settings_default


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