TABLEON - WordPress Posts Table Filterable


Special shortcode which display “Single post gallery images”. Attributes: id: post ID,also can be defined automatically if shortcode is on the post single page Example: [tableon_gallery id=49] This shortcode is represented in the table cell as images. Read about how to get image ids for each post:


This shortcode is the part of of the extension “Compare” – shows posts on compare in popup. Attributes: post_type: what types of posts to display. By default: post ids: set using comma posts IDs you want to show your customers to compare title: link text css_class: CSS class of the link for view customization help_title: […]


This shortcode generates button, onclick show popup with page iframe inside. popup_page_link: link to page, template “TABLEON Blank Page” should be selected button_text: link text, for example: ‘Send message to the product manager’ popup_title: Popup title css_class: CSS class of the link help_title: text of the link on the popup header from the right help_link: […]