Hook for getting image attachments IDs for the posts. Gallery by default uses meta key ‘tableon_gallery’ but sure on many sites image ids keeps in their own meta keys.

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Manage by post labels for posts title cell. Code example:

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This hooks allows to manipulate by the current language. Example:

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The hook allows to change “Not found” text if no one posts were found in the table Example:

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This hook is helper for hook tableon_extend_settings and allows to set default data there. Example:

$this->setting_key – can be string value, for example ‘my_new_option_1’, see hook tableon_extend_settings.   Post Views: 0


By this hook it is possible to change text for “Load More” button. Also it is possible by: TABLEON_Vocabulary::get($word)   Post Views: 0


This hook allows to extend tables settings. Example:

  See also file: \classes\tables-options.php   Post Views: 0


This hook allows to manipulate by main WP_Query of the table data. Some examples:

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This hooks allows to make compatible a filters plugins with TABLEON. Lets review filter adaptation for MDTF (as an example ONLY because Compatibility for MDTF (redirect mode) in-built into the TABLEON code). into the file functions.php of the current WordPress theme add next code:

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This is for thumbnail column and allows to replace default empty thumbnail image

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