TABLEON - WordPress Posts Table Filterable


In this tabs you can add meta fields, and then select them in tab “Columns” Title: system title Meta key: exact key of meta field Type: type of meta data – text, number, calendar Notes: any text notes about the field Actions: delete button  

Custom CSS

In this tab admin can set any CSS rules related only to the current table. To save CSS code use button on the left or press CTRL+S. You can use custom CSS for small changes, but for quite big the table restyling its recommended to use table skins.  

Posts filter

This tab gives ability for current table create filter form. Next fields available: title content excerpt comments count categories tags custom taxonomies author post date post modified Each filter field, except of couple ones, has its own options: Using mouse drag and drop fields you need for filter form, check and change selected fields options.


This tab is for adding columns to the current table. “Prepend column” adds new column on the table top, “Append column” adds new column to the table bottom. After new column creation use drag-and-drop icon to change its position if necessary. Each column has its own options such as text color and background color. Move: […]


To create new table press button “Create table” Text-input on the top allows to find the table quickly by its title. Thumb: is for custom image to quickly find the table by eyes Title: posts table title, set by mouse click on the cell Shortcode: posts table shortcode for copy/paste operation Published: on any time […]


TABLEON allows to create skins and apply them on any its posts tables. Default skins are in: skins/skin-1.css, skins/skin-2.css, …, skins/skin-11.css To add your own skin into the system create folder ‘tableon-skins’ in the folder of the current WordPress theme, create file there, for example ‘my-custom1’ and write there CSS code using the code below […]


Predifinition allows to display pre-filtered posts by default. For example if you want to show in the current table only red shoes you can set in field “Included taxonomy” next syntax construction: category:25|post_tag:19|rel:AND – take posts which are in category 25 AND in post tag 19. Predefinition allows to generate relevant tables for site articles […]

Creating an extension

TABLEON actively uses hooks what allows creating additional extensions such like: Attachments (premium) Compare (premium) Favourites (free) Main hooks are: tableon_extend_settings tableon_extend_settings_default tableon_include_assets – this hook includes the extension assets trough functions wp_enqueue_script and wp_enqueue_style each extension should has its unique ‘action’ to add its columns into the system tables are generated through function ‘tableon()->draw_table_data($table_data, […]


This tab appears only if to set value in tab Settings -> Languages. On the screen above value is: en_US,ru_RU,es_ES. In the tab “Vocabulary” it is possible to translate words which you applied in the tables columns and also taxonomies terms. In behind the scene it works through function TABLEON_Vocabulary::get($word) which can be used in […]


Show button in admin bar: Enable/Disable TableOn button on the top admin bar. Button will appear/disappear after the page reloading! Languages: Languages for tab “Vocabulary”. This options created for dynamic words and such plugins as WPML. Use the comma to add languages you want to use on the site front. By default: -1. Example: en_US,fr_FR,es_ES,de_DE,ru_RU. […]