TABLEON - WordPress Posts Table Filterable


TABLEON allows to create skins and apply them on any its posts tables. Default skins are in: skins/skin-1.css, skins/skin-2.css, …, skins/skin-11.css To add your own skin into the system create folder ‘tableon-skins’ in the folder of the current WordPress theme, create file there, for example ‘my-custom1’ and write there CSS code using the code below […]

Creating an extension

TABLEON actively uses hooks what allows creating additional extensions such like: Attachments (premium) Compare (premium) Favourites (free) Main hooks are: tableon_extend_settings tableon_extend_settings_default tableon_include_assets – this hook includes the extension assets trough functions wp_enqueue_script and wp_enqueue_style each extension should has its unique ‘action’ to add its columns into the system tables are generated through function ‘tableon()->draw_table_data($table_data, […]