TABLEON - WordPress Posts Table Filterable


To create new table press button “Create table” Text-input on the top allows to find the table quickly by its title. Thumb: is for custom image to quickly find the table by eyes Title: posts table title, set by mouse click on the cell Shortcode: posts table shortcode for copy/paste operation Published: on any time […]


This tab appears only if to set value in tab Settings -> Languages. On the screen above value is: en_US,ru_RU,es_ES. In the tab “Vocabulary” it is possible to translate words which you applied in the tables columns and also taxonomies terms. In behind the scene it works through function TABLEON_Vocabulary::get($word) which can be used in […]


Show button in admin bar: Enable/Disable TableOn button on the top admin bar. Button will appear/disappear after the page reloading! Languages: Languages for tab “Vocabulary”. This options created for dynamic words and such plugins as WPML. Use the comma to add languages you want to use on the site front. By default: -1. Example: en_US,fr_FR,es_ES,de_DE,ru_RU. […]